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Always Bring Your Camera With You

  • Always Bring Your Camera With You

When I got my first SLR camera, I asked my friend what’s the best way to improve my skills. He looked at me as if I just asked the dumbest question he has ever heard. We all know that the best way to improve our skills is to keep on practicing. The more we practice, the more experienced we get and the better our photos are. However, many people complain that they are unable to find time to practice, let alone improve their photography skills.

I recently came across an article by Darren Rowse, the editor and founder of the Digital Photography School website that I referenced from time to time. In his article, Darren describes how he was inspired by another photographer, Thorsten Overgaard, to “wear” his camera more often than he used to, and how it has impacted his life. I find this idea intriguing. Although I do not believe that it is practical to wear our cameras around the neck all the time, we definitely should get into the habit of carrying our cameras with us as much as possible.

Why should you take your camera with you?

The most obvious benefit of taking your cameras everywhere you go is that you get to take pictures of things or events you see whenever and wherever you see them. There are numerous instances where I see something interesting that I want to photograph, only to realize that I do not have my camera with me. I would tell myself that I’ll photograph it the next time I see it, but I either don’t have my camera again, or I never get to see that thing or event again. If I had my camera with me at the moment, I would definitely take a few shots instead of letting it go. Not only it would enrich my portfolio, but I would have something to look at to relive those moments.

Another benefit of carrying your camera is that you get to practice more. By making your camera more accessible to you, you’ll get into the habit of looking for interesting things to photograph wherever you are. You’ll begin to see the world from a different perspective, learn to look for inspiration from something ordinary, and you will have a lot of fun in the process. The more you practice and enjoy photography, the sooner you become a good photographer. Henri Cartier-Bresson, a world-renowned photographer, probably said it best.

Your first 10000 photographs are your worst.

I now try to carry my camera wherever I go as much as possible because I want to accumulate experience faster, and I do not want to miss any more of those hit-or-miss moments. If you are serious about photography, you definitely should give it a try. It may feel awkward and inconvenient at first, but it is definitely worth it once you begin to experience the fun that comes with it. If you have similar experience, please share it by leaving a comment below.

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