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My Favorite Online Resources

  • My Favorite Online Resources

In my last post, I mention that there are many online resources where beginners may find useful information to improve their photography skills. There are a few that I frequently use and like very much because they either have well-organized information, or have great interaction with their audiences. Some of these website I have used since I began shooting photos, and I’m still using them because I can always learn something new from them. I have also visited some other websites that are great, but these three remain my favorite.

Resource #1 – Improve Photography

Improve Photography was founded by Jim Harmer, a professional photographer with a degree from law school. I first noticed Jim when I was doing some research on using reflectors and external flash. I came across one of the video Jim put together, found it very informative and easy to understand and watched all the videos he created. Finally, I found his website, and have used it quite frequently. Also, Jim is very engaging with his audience. He regularly holds interesting photography contests, showcases his latest works and explains, in great details, how he came about those photos.

Resource #2 – Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School, unlike Improve Photography, is managed by a group of people. It contains vast amount of articles on a variety of topics ranging from photography tips to equipment reviews. The articles on this website were written by a group of photographers, both residential and guest. This is the website I go to when I need to find some specific, more advanced information. Furthermore, there is a forum attached where people may post questions and share information with other photographers.

Resource #3 – Cambridge in Colour

I personally don’t use Cambridge in Colour very much, but that dose not mean it is any inferior to the other two websites. In fact, it is very well-organized and professionally run, and I would highly recommend any beginner to visit this website. There are tutorials written and organized in a very professional way, and the tools it provides, such as calculators for sunset/sunrise and depth of field, are very useful to photographers. Furthermore, the tutorials are organized from the basics, to intermediates, and finally to the more advanced topics. One can simply follow the tutorials and build a solid foundation in photography.  It also has a forum attache to it.

I have been shoot photos for three years, and I still find myself constantly finding tips for shooting certain subjects and certain environment. Until now, these websites have provided me a significant amount of photography knowledge, and although my own website is in no way like them, it is certainly my goal to make it just as informative and easy to use as they are. Do you have any websites that you use frequently for information and would like to share with others? Please share your experience by leaving comments below.

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