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My Little Photo Walk

  • My Little Photo Walk

Over the past few months, I took hundreds of pictures using whatever spare time I had. I’d go shoot pictures during lunch hours, after work, before school and in between errands over the weekends. However, I had to shoot at locations that I frequently shoot pictures at due to lack of time, and I’ve been hoping to head out and explore places that I’ve never shoot before. Hence, I decided to take a full day this past weekend to go explore new places.

DerelictOn Saturday, I drove all the way to Tahoe City where a dam was built over Truckee River long ago. It was a very nice weather, with warm sunshine and cool breezes keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. I left my car in the parking lot next to the dam, took my camera out and began exploring the area around the lake. As I walked around the Gatekeeper’s Museum, I noticed several old machineries laying around in the garden. These machineries, as I was told, were once used by the local fire brigade. Although these machineries are now in derelict condition, I immediately noticed that how they can be captured and turned into beautiful photographs.

Old MachineI snapped a few shots from some distance at first, but the results were not as good as I expected. I then used one of the techniques that I covered in my earlier post and got a lot closer to the machines. As can be seen in these photos, the results were satisfactory. I also incorporated some composition rules and made use of bokeh to ensure that the main subject can be clearly identified. The picture to the left is an example of the framing technique and bokeh: the rail in the foreground acts as the frame to keep viewers’ attention fixed on the label, and the bokeh makes sure viewers will focus on the label rather the background. Furthermore, I tone down the color contrasts to emphasize the sense of derelict and abandonment. I was very pleased with the results I got from this spot.

The Old WayWhile on my way back to Reno, I decided to check out another location that I’ve heard about. It is a bridge that stood over the Truckee River near Hirschdale, with some rail tracks that are still being used and maintained nearby. It seems that the bridge was once used for the railroad as well. Aside from rusts covering the railings and metal support beams, the bridge is in pretty good shape, and I snapped a few shots here because I really like the “ruin” feel it has. This bridge may also be a good spot for portraits shots, and I’ll probably be back in the near future.

This concludes my little photo walk. I’ll probably do another one next weekend, and hopefully I’ll find more interesting locations to share. If you have any locations to share, please do so my leaving comments below.

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