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Where to Have Your Camera Serviced in Reno

  • Where to Have Your Camera Serviced in Reno

Not too long ago, I bought a used Nikon 35mm F/2 AF-D lens on eBay. Nikon 35mm is a great lens for shooting portraits photos, offering exceptional image quality. It also complements the other lenses in my collection. I was very excited to have acquired this lens, and as soon as I could make the time I took it out for a shoot. That is when I discovered a problem with this lens: there is an excess of oil on the aperture blades, making them sticky and unable to move.

When I discovered this problem, the first person that came to my mind is Steve at Camera Clinic. Steve is a camera expert who specializes in repairing, refurbishing and cleaning cameras and lenses. He is also a very honest business person. The first time I was at the Camera Clinic, I asked Steve to clean a lens for me because I suspected that there is fungus in it. Steve checked the lens an told me it is clean, that there’s no fungus and does not need to be serviced.

Before I head down to his store to have my Nikon 35mm cleaned, I emailed Steve to make sure he is available. He responded quickly and gave me a quote that is very competitive. When I brought the lens in the next day, Steve was already expecting me and he quickly got to the lens. He inspected the lens and confirmed that the oil on the blades is causing the problem. He then carefully explained the procedures involved in cleaning this lens, promised to turn it around in 24 hours and that he would give me a call when it is done.

I got a call from Steve the next day. True to his words, Steve got the lens cleaned within 24 hours. When I picked up the lens, I noticed that not only the oil has been removed, but all the tiny specs of dust were gone as well. With the oil removed, the lens is in working condition again and I could enjoy shooting with it. Steve also offered a few tips on how to properly store and maintain the lens so it would not have to be serviced again soon.

Steve has been servicing cameras and lenses for more than 30 years. You may find his contact information on his website, and you can either send him an email or make a call to him. He also maintains a Facebook fan page where he interacts with his clients. Although he is based in Reno, he has out-of-state clients who send their lenses or cameras to him to be repaired or cleaned. I would definitely go to Steve again if I need to have my lenses serviced, and I strongly recommend him if you have such a need.

Have you ever had your camera or lens serviced by Steve at Camera Clinic? If so, please share your experience.


  • cindyelkins

    Kevin - You're so right, Steve at Camera Clinic fixed me up as well. I have the Nikon D3100 and the DSLR LCD Window cracked leaving me helpless and unable to see my below average beginner photos I had taken. Can't say enough good things about this guy... he ordered the replacement part right away, had my camera maybe for a day, and then called me up when it was fixed up like new and I felt like he charged more than a fair price for his work. Now I'm back up and running all thanks to him.

    • Kevin Chan

      Steve is the best camera repair guy I've ever worked with, and every time I bring my equipment in for servicing I could always learn something from him. Glad to hear that you have similar experience.

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