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Why Not Photography?

  • Why Not Photography?

You probably own a digital camera, a smart phone, or both. You bring them to your friends’ birthday parties, your children’s graduation ceremony, or the annual vacation with your loved ones, and you take tons of pictures with them. If you like taking pictures, then you definitely should give photography a try.

Photography is not as difficult as it may seem. Before I actually picked up my first SLR camera, I thought photography is only for those who are financially well-off and with artistic talents. I was surprised how easy and fun photography is when I see my first batch of photos, and I would like to share that experience with you. I will help you take the first step, share what I know and have tried, show you the results I got and answer any questions you may have. I do not claim to have an answer to everything, but I will do my best to find the answer for you so both of us can learn something from it.

I was once a beginner who knew very little about photography, and I was completely clueless what I was doing when I took my SLR camera out for the first time. Therefore, I would like to create a network for others alike with the purpose of sharing knowledge, techniques, and experiences. We may exchange information on where to shoot photos in the Reno-Tahoe area, share ideas on how to approach certain subjects or shooting conditions, or just get to know each other and provide feedback on our photos. After all, we all have rooms for improvement, and can use a new hobby or perspective.

So why don’t you pick up a camera and come join us?

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